At Apex Architecture we will encourage any design solutions that maximise the potential benefits of the surrounding natural environment.

Buildings can have a positive effect on the natural environment. Rather than discussing sustainability as reducing damage, a building project with careful landscaping can, in fact, give back more than it takes away. We consider more than simply including green technologies into buildings, orientation, size of openings and solar gain can have significant benefits at no extra cost to the project.

Through our advice, existing environmental performance of buildings can be optimised and improved. By taking advantage of; site location, orientation and features, local materials and labour we achieve a solution that can be both economical and sympathetic to both the natural environment and the local community, whilst improving both the environmental efficiency and public perception of the building.

Technologies and products incorporated in our buildings to date have included: ground/air source heat recovery pumps, thermal heat stores, solar heating, solar power (photovoltaics), under floor heating, use of efficient insulation and environmentally friendly materials, grey water harvesting systems (utilisation of rainwater), wind catchers (natural ventilation), sun pipes and 'green' roofs'.