We visit your property to talk about the project, advising on obtaining planning permission and listed building consent, and the likely budget and timetable. Your project will evolve through sketch drawings until we reach a scheme that broadly fullfills your desires, then we will be ready to begin discussions with the Planning Authority.

Scheme Design
We will develop the sketch proposals into a more resolved building, completing all plans and written statements necessary to make the Planning Application and, if necessary, a Listed Building Application which will then be submitted to the Local Authority.

Detailed Drawings
When planning permission has been granted we will work on the detailed drawings preparing construction details, choosing materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings.

Finding a Builder
We will agree a list of contractors with you that will best be able to deliver your project, providing them with drawings and specifications in order for them to offer prices for the build.

Managing the Building Contract
Once a price has been agreed with a builder we will prepare a building contract for you and the builder to sign. During construction, we will closely monitor progress of the work and have regular meetings with you and the builder to discuss the ongoing building work. When the project is complete, we will carry out a final inspection and agree with the builder any items which need to be rectified. Throughout the build we will carry out regular valuations and when the project is complete agree a final payment.