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Eliot Park, Blackheath, London / New Houses

Currenty under construction is this new house in Blackheath. Landscaping is an important component to the character of Blackheath Conservation Area. The design incorporates landscaping within the building structure itself in the form of a green wall and roof. The design has an Innovative use of natural materials in its façade design. The slatted cedar wood sits comfortably within the green setting of the site, and landscaping elements on the building.

The proposed house has large, high level windows and an open-plan layout providing generous natural light and views of landscaped gardens.

The contemporary massing is softened by an exterior façade of vertical timber elements and green walls. The design is driven by an interest in materiality and the desire to use sustainable materials in new innovative ways. The façade design provides privacy, shade and interest in referencing the surrounding tree scape. The design of the timber façade will be further referenced throughout the interior of the property giving the house a strong sense of identity.