Louis Kahn exhibition at the Design Museum and the film 'My Architect'

Louis Khan

I visited the Design Museum to see the exhibition of Louis Kahn's work and recently I saw the film 'My Architect' at RIBA headquarters at Portland Place. I found both events moving and challenging and it caused me to reflect on the incredible commitment it takes to create wonderful buildings. It takes unbelievable dedication from the architect and huge faith and courage from the client. But what struck me the most in watching the film was the sacrifice of family life and it caused me to ask the question 'is it worth the effort to create a great building?' and 'at what point is the sacrifice too great?' Everyone will have a different answer for Louis Kahn. It seems architecture was a life long obsession which took precedence over everything else, I am a massive fan but I feel that the price on his personal life was very high.

David Hurcombe - September 2014