Richard Jones  How much does an architect cost? Architects fees for a 2 storey extension

These are questions we are frequently asked

     - How much does an architect cost?
     - How much time do you need to spend on completing my project?
     - How does a building project break down into stages?

At Apex we have a very experienced team of Architects, Surveyors and Technologists with the ability to analyse your requirements; produce scheme designs and deliver projects on time and within a budget.Time spent on the initial stages is incredibly valuable and it is at this point that we are worth our salt. It is important to get off on the right foot.

We have a solid pricing structure based on industry data and our many years experience we arrive at a range of average fees. We understand how long things take to do and invest heavily in our own time management system to ensure we remain competitive.

There are three different ways we can agree fees with you:

     - Percentage of the construction cost - the fee will be broken down into work/project stages.
     - Lump sum - at an agreed rate for each stage.
     - Hourly charges – based solely on time expended.

We will normally carry out an initial consultation and submit fee proposals free of charge. This assists us in establishing your brief and how we will present the fee. The most common fee schedule is presented as a lump sum and is discussed in detail and agreed with you before we start work.

Each project we work on is different; the example below will give you an idea of how much we charged for a recent project - to extend a semi detached family house with a 2 storey extension.

Once we agreed the fee:

  - Prepared drawings of existing house and prepared a scheme proposal
  - Met to discuss the scheme and finalise designs
  - Developed the design and made the Planning Application

This cost approximately £1750

Once planning permission was granted we carried out the following work:

  - Prepared Technical drawings
  - Made a Building Regulations Application

This cost approximately £1500

Once the detailed design was agreed:

  - Agreed the detailed specifications for electrical, heating and kitchen layouts and prepared window, door and finishes Schedules.
  - Collated all the documents and sought quotations from an agreed list of contractors

This cost approximately £1000

When the quotations were in:

  - Analysed them and queried any omissions or additions.
  - Interviewed the contractor and prepared a contract with the successful contractor on behalf of the Client.
  - During the construction period we carried out visits to site to check the quality of work and agreed stage payments.
  - When the building work was completed we agreed hand over and finalised the accounts.

Hourly charge costing approx £600 per month

After a year:

Most contracts have a small retention fee as part of the contract, this is retained by the customer for an agreed period of time, generally a year. By this time the property will have settled and any possible defects in the building should become apparent.

Therefore after a year we visited the site to check for defects and agreed the remediation’s with the contractor. Once the defects were ‘made good’ a final Certificate was issued and the retention and any other final payments due were paid.

This cost approximately £500

Richard Jones - February 2015