110 house development in Lydney, Gloucestershire unanimously approved!

Lydney, Gloucestershire master plan

We are proud to announce that our planning application for 110 houses in Lydney, Gloucestershire has been unanimously approved by Forest of Dean District Council Members. One council member claimed the scheme to be the best he had ever seen at the council.

The development has a beautiful edge of town setting on a south facing slope with far reaching views towards river Severn and the Cotswold hills of south Gloucestershire where the sky meets the horizon. Benefiting from this glorious location will be the residents of new flats, terraces, semis, detached and self-build opportunities. Houses of local stone, timber cladding and white render will give a variety of vernacular that is in harmony with its surroundings and provide a strong sense of place. Set amongst generous public landscaping, ponds, play areas and allotments an authentic rural character will provide a gentle transition to the surrounding undulating countryside of hedgerows, farmland and forests.

Open public landscape, trees and vegetation are at the heart of the scheme to be of benefit to the residents and be an asset to the surrounding local community. The natural fall of the land has informed the location of drainage ditches that will supply three large ponds providing thriving sustainable natural 'ecology corridors'. Surrounding these ponds will be the main public landscaped areas. In the central and flatter part will be a large village green with extensive children’s play areas. A landscape buffer of trees, open space and allotments has been located to soften the transition to the A48 by-pass.

Lydney, Gloucestershire master plan

Pedestrian and cycle 'green ways' link the scheme with its surroundings and tie all the features together. The well trodden existing public footpath through the site will be retained becoming a tree lined avenue toward the village green. To the south eastern boundary an existing tunnel beneath the A48 will provide a new safe pedestrian route and link to footpaths leading to the River Severn. Another pedestrian and cycle route will provide a safe attractive passage to the proposed new primary school and Lydney town centre. A new bus stop and shelter will be provided on Highfield Road adjacent to the north east corner of the site with a frequent and convenient local service.

The scheme sets out to create an environment that is not dominated by roads, complements its surroundings and creates a new sustainable and accessible community. The strong focus on working with the landscape features within the site and its relationship to the surrounding environment provides exciting and unique opportunities for high sustainable environment. The south facing slope of the site lends itself perfectly to low energy solutions for harvesting the suns rays for electricity and solar gain providing houses that are comfortable to live in and kinder to the environment. We hope the development will set a shining example for future developments to come.

Joe Hurcombe - September 2014